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The Birds


This page is dedicated to the many birds that come each day.  The numbers are growing and they are quite demanding.  They know exactly when we are up in the morning and if we are running late they certainly can make a racket.


These beautiful King Parrots visit every day and have obviously spread the word as the numbers are growing.  There use to be just the two but now their mates are coming for a feed.




The finches and pale headed rosellas are also on the incline.



The tawnies come every year and nest and have their young.


A rare visitor (a Spangled Drongo) decided to drop in whereas Maggie is a very regular visitor.


The Kookaburras' and Butcher birds are very friendly and wait to be hand fed.


Hoppy (as we have nick named her) manages very well on one leg and even this Kookaburra copes with being blind in one eye.


This beauty seems to be a loner and waits for all the others to be fed before she turns up.  She has decided to make her nest in the security of the office where she is protected from the other birds and doesn't seem to be phased by humans.




                Spicks    Specks           Sunny - our Sun Conia    Maggie parents and youngsters               











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